Connection Wizard

This section helps you configure connection to your live store and start working with your data.

When you open the Store Manager for the first time the Connection Wizard is launched automatically in order to help you connect to your live store database and start working with your store.

In case it is not shown, in order to make the process of connection setup easier you may find the Connection Wizard in Preferences (F12) -> Database Connection -> Connection Wizard:

Besides you may open Connection Wizard in Settings:

Simple Mode

Connection wizard allows you to configure connection to your store data automatically using Simple mode.

1. Select Connection Mode
On the first step you’ll be suggested to choose the way of connection setup between Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. Let’s start from the Simple one - it allows you to set up connection automatically with no efforts.

If you run this wizard for the first time you’ll be taken to the third step. If you run it manually, you need to select “Add new configuration” in order  to create new configuration.

2. FTP Settings
At this step of Connection Wizard you’ll be asked to specify your FTP details so the Store Manager could proceed automatically. Please, contact your hosting company so they could provide you with FTP details:

Server address - Usually it is your website name like "" (do not include http://www. prefix); you may use IP address as well.

User name (login), Password - Specify your FTP username and password. Please make sure that specified user has all privileges and can view, edit or create files in your shopping cart folder.

Store FTP-directory - This is the catalog that contains the files of your store (shopping cart) that you can find/see via FTP. Click on browse button to select your shopping cart root folder. In most cases it is public_html or httpdocs or www. To make sure that you have selected the correct folder, check if there are admin and images folders as well as all other files and folders of your shopping cart inside.

Click Test FTP connection button and if you receive the message “FTP was connected successfully”, please, proceed with the connection setup by clicking Next.