9. Supported osCommerce Contributions

Here you can find a list of osCommerce contributions, supported by Store Manager for osCommerce.

Cross Sell (X-Sell)Cross-sell allows you to link products to each other in order to upsell /suggest items that customers might also wish to purchaseSee Contribution
Featured productsFeatured Products infobox is a replacement for the New Products infobox. Includes admin page to add/delete featured products. It shows only featured products for the current category, or products from *all* categories when on the main default.php page.See Contribution
Discount couponsCreate Discount Coupons in a variety of formats.
Coupons can be either percentage or fixed amounts.
Restrict to categories or products. Set Start and expiration dates.
See Contribution
Ultra Pics

This allows adding of 8 more images to your Admin and Catalog, basically a combination of SM, MED, LARGE+ and MoPICs+ with Lots of Nice Enhancements!

See Contribution
Family ProductsFamily Products is a contribution that allows a shop owner to create "families" of products to display in shop. This module is only available to the customer on the product_info.php page.See Contribution
Product Extra FieldsThis contribution allows people to add fields labelled the way they want, and then display them in the product page of the catalogue.See Contribution

Please submit a Feature Request if you would like to add support for more Contributions/Addons